The relationship and interdependence between trade and peace is evident, but often overlooked. Numerous examples show that peace initiatives easily can go astray if the business community is not included in the equation. 
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World Trade Center - Main Concept
"Peace and stability through trade"

More than a building or an organization, a World Trade Center (WTC) brings together business and government agencies involved in international trade, provides essential trade services and stimulates the economy of the region it serves. A WTC puts all the services associated with global commerce under one roof. A WTC address gives a business prime and continuous access and exposure to all the services, organizations and individuals essential for success in world trade. "A World Trade Center in any city is a business shopping center, complementing and supporting the existing services of private and government agencies", explains World Trade Center Association (WTCA) President, Guy F. Tozzoli.

The purpose of a World Trade Center is to have information available to businesses in a timely and coordinated manner. Exporting for companies increases because of the immediate accessibility to valuable expertise and energy created by a vibrant market place of international trade activity.

WTCA History

The WTCA was established in 1970 to facilitate international trade by bringing together exporters, importers and service providers. The first seeds of the international movement were sown in 1970 when the pioneer World Trade centers- Houston, New Orleans, New York and Tokyo and a number of World Trade center enthusiasts first organized a World Trade Centers Association.

The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) is a not-for-profit, non-political association that fosters the WTC concept and develops inter-WTC cooperative programs. WTCA membership includes 326 WTCs in almost 100 countries. Over 750,000 companies are affiliated with WTCA members worldwide.

WTCA Mission – “Peace and stability through trade”

The mission of the World Trade Centers Association is to support the establishment and successful operation of individual World Trade Centers as part of a worldwide alliance of World Trade Centers, which enhances stability, peace, world trade and development, leading to economic growth.


The WTCA's founding principles are as applicable today as they were more than three decades ago.
  • To encourage the expansion of world trade;
  • To promote international business relationships and understanding among nations;
  • To foster increased participation in world trade by industrializing nations;
  • To create and encourage mutual assistance and cooperation among members; and
  • To promote and further the concept of the World Trade Center.
WTC operation

Each individual World Trade Center is locally developed, owned, and operated.  The local developer buys the right from WTCA to develop and operate a WTC with its brand and concept in a city or region, but is relatively free to decide the contents of the center.  Examples of what different WTCs around the world house are business offices, hotels, trade fairs, shopping malls, conference centers, concert- event halls, showroom, chambers of commerce, and restaurants.

A WTC offers its tenants and members access to necessary infrastructure as well an extensive international network for effective and optimal international trade.

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